The Middle Passage by James Hollis

Book Summary: The Middle Passage by James Hollis


As seen on the Apple TV show Ted Lasso. Absolutely brilliant, one of my all-time favorite books. Every page is dense with Jungian wisdom like a slice of Black Forest chocolate cake.



1: The Provisional Personality

2: The Advent of the Middle Passage

Tectonic Pressures and Seismic Intimations

A New Kind of Thinking

Withdrawal of Projections

Changes in the Body and Sense of Time

The Diminution of Hope

The Experience of Neurosis

3: The Turn Within

The Persona-Shadow Dialogue

Relationship Problems

Midlife Affairs

The transformation of marriage at midlife, then, involves three necessary steps:

From Child to Parent to Child

The World of Work: Job Versus Vocation

Emergence of the Inferior Function

Shadow Invasions

4: Case Studies in Literature

5: Individuation: Jung’s Myth for Our Time

6: On the High Seas and Alone

From Loneliness to Solitude

Connecting with the Lost Child

The Passionate Life

Here are some important axioms:

  1. Life without passion is life without depth.
  2. Passion, while dangerous to order, predictability and sometimes sanity, is the expression of the life force.
  3. One cannot draw near the gods, the archetypal depths, without risking the largeness of life which they demand and passion provides.
  4. Finding and following one’s passion serves one’s individuation.

The Swamplands of the Soul

Memento Mori

The Luminous Pause

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