About Ryan Delaney

Countless people have sought happiness through wealth, success, even self improvement, but  are still dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

You may be one of them.

This blog speaks to the possibility of realizing wholeness and enduring wellbeing right where you are without going anywhere.

Blog Structure

  • Both practical and spiritual aspects of wellbeing are covered because both are necessary for harmony.
  • Descriptive writing is used for insights and wisdom and prescriptive when practices are needed.
  • Humor is added to lighten the serious topic of wellbeing.

How My Writing May Help You Live Better

  • Everything I write about has helped me and may help you too.
  • Know yourself better. To know oneself is to know everyone.
  • Tailor to your level of wellbeing - from greater calm to waking up.
  • Transform your experience of life. You have to learn to swim upstream before you can float downstream.

Who This Site Is For

If you believe only that which can be explained by science, or you are seeking a user's manual to life, then you will probably be disappointed. If, however, you believe real-world experience is more valuable and useful than what someone in a lab coat and clipboard says, you've probably landed at the right place.

But I'm not going to tell you that everything is going to be O.K. Yet I will teach you how to be O.K. even when things aren't O.K.

How Did You Learn About All This Stuff?

a) Most of my life had been about getting through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff, which is not a great strategy since much of life can be rather unpleasant and b) I was deeply confused, and frankly, miserable.

Was it possible to experience the same level of fulfillment - whether doing dishes, going to work, or cleaning the toilet - as lying on a beach, drinking alcohol, or having sex?

To my surprise, the freedom I discovered, even amidst the insanity of daily life, exceeded anything I could have imagined.

Why Did You Start This Site?

I got tired of keeping track of all the information in my head.

To see if I could organize all that I had learned (and un-learned) into a body of wisdom and practices that anyone could apply to their life.

To democratize wellbeing.  Everyone, everywhere deserves physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, regardless of circumstances.

Who Are You?

My name is Ryan Delaney.  I’m 51 years old.  I was born in Portland, grew up on both coasts and went to school in the midwest.  I studied French then poured coffee.  I went back to school then sold stuff.  Eventually I started two businesses - one failed, one succeeded.  Then I lost all of my money. Not once, but twice. Now I live in Silicon Valley.  Each day I wake up to Olivia Munn’s doppelgänger, two step kids and one remarkable world.


Architecture, backcountry adventures, connecting deeply, economics, nature, road trips, songs and stillness.

What Motivates You?

A cornerstone of personal growth is exposure to what is true and what works.

Unfortunately, it is getting harder to find truth through all the noise - regurgitation of information, half-truths, whole-falses and gaming of search engines.  Indeed, 99.9% of all information is entertainment at best, a disservice at worst.

If we manage to cut through the clutter, we tend to find the following types of recommendations:

  • “For greater happiness, think less, smile at babies and eat more vegetables.” (too simplistic)
  • “3 simple (unknown) hacks for the most awesomest life ever!” (too pop psychology)
  • “Open yourself to the great river of money flowing through the universe. Here's how.” (too woo-woo).
  • "Optimize your life for greatest success.” (too self improvement)
  • “The ontological doctrine as it pertains to the…” (too philosophical and impractical)
  • “Eat one meal daily while adhering to the 35 precepts of the 17th karmapa" (too spiritual and arduous).

Often those who have achieved outward success continue to feel empty inside (and not the good kind). That emptiness is the neglected inner or spiritual life.

For radical transformation, one must attend fully, not only to the practical but the spiritual realm too. My intention is to share what works in my life (after years of floundering) and may work for you too.

Why Should I Listen to You?

Maybe you shouldn’t.  I have n qualifications - no diplomas from a prestigious university, no plaques on my wall. Nothing I can point to really that designates me as someone you should listen to.  

However, understanding life's mysteries and what it means to be human, in all its forms, has been my life's inspiration.

Don't Believe Me

You will find nothing new here.  In fact, everything I write about you already know. If that sounds strange, ask yourself this: how would anything make intuitive sense if you didn't already know it?

My task is to remind you of what you have forgotten.  Take what works in your life and leave what does not. And don’t let people waste your time, including me.  If an article is junk, stop reading.

The single most important takeaway from this blog is learning to see clearly for yourself. Then you will no longer need this or any other blogs, books, or self-help garbage.

As Lao Tzu cautioned, “Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know.” I'm full of BS like everyone else, hopefully just enough less to be useful.

May all my struggles and searching offer you a shortcut to deep, abiding freedom and enduring wellbeing.

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