Hi,  I'm Ryan 👋

Countless people seek happiness through wealth, success, even self improvement but are still dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

This blog speaks to the possibility of realizing wholeness and enduring wellbeing without going anywhere or changing anything.


  • I meditate 1hr/day, study, experiment, and tinker and share what I learn. I write about well being - practical and spiritual - because both are necessary for a contented, meaningful and fulfilling life.
  • Descriptive writing is used for sharing insights and wisdom and prescriptive writing for when practices are needed.
  • I like to use humor and contemporary analogies and quotes to lighten up an otherwise serious topic.

How my writing can help you live better

  • I only write on topics a) from extensive personal experience and b) that have improved my life - sometimes a little, other times a lot.
  • You will know yourself better. To know oneself is to know everyone. And hopefully, over time, you will grow to accept and love yourself fully.
  • I've had many amazing and revelatory experiences that have permanently changed how I relate to others and the world around me. Whether your goal is simply realizing greater calm, peace and ease or waking up and discovering peace, fulfillment and enduring well being, the ideas and practices I share can help.
  • Transform how you experience of life. But first you have to learn to swim upstream before you can float downstream.

Who this site is for

You're either skeptical of or have tried self-help, woo-woo and traditional religions and none of them worked and you're looking for something deeper that has worked for millions of people across time and geography.

I'm not going to tell you everything is going to be OK. But I will teach you how to be OK even when things aren't OK.

How did you learn about all this stuff?

Most of my life had been about getting through the bad stuff to get to the good stuff. That wasn't a good strategy because much of life is unpleasant. I was deeply confused, dissatisfied and unhappy, and I knew somebody, somewhere must have figured out a better way to live.

It all started when I was at a high school party, drunk and free of myself and free to be myself - outgoing, funny and able to relate to people in a way that I never could. Was it possible to have that much fun and enjoy life that much - whether doing dishes, working, or cleaning a toilet - without having to drink? I was on a quest to find out.

To my surprise, the freedom, wholeness and happiness I discovered, even amidst the insanity of daily life, exceeded anything I imagined. You could say I became intoxicated with life, not alcohol.

Why did you start this site?

I got tired of keeping track of all the ideas, insights and revelations in my head and needed to write them down.

To see if I could organize all that I had discovered and learned (and un-learned) into a body of wisdom and practices that anyone could apply to their own life.

To democratize wellbeing.  Everyone, everywhere deserves physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, regardless of circumstances.

Who are you?

My name is Ryan Delaney. I was born in Portland, grew up on both coasts and went to school in the midwest. I studied French then poured coffee. I went back to school then sold stuff. Eventually I started two businesses - one failed, one succeeded. Then I lost all of my money. Not once, but twice. Now I live in Silicon Valley. Each day I wake up to Olivia Munn’s doppelgänger, two step kids and one remarkable world.


Connecting deeply, backcountry adventures, good design, economics, nature, road trips, music and stillness.

What motivates you?

The challenge I had, and the one most of us have, is not being exposed to the  wisdom and practices that work, the ones that have withstood the test of time. Instead, the spiritual marketplace offers us simple solutions to complex difficulties catering to our innate laziness and desire for quick fixes. The spiritual path starts  with the right wisdom and the right practices.

Unfortunately, it's getting harder to find truth through all the noise - regurgitation of information, half-truths, whole-falses and gaming of search engines.  Indeed, 99.9% of all information is entertainment at best, false information at worst.

If we manage to cut through the clutter, we tend to find the following types of recommendations:

  • “For greater happiness, think less, smile at babies and eat more vegetables.” (too shallow)
  • “3 simple (unknown) hacks for the most awesomest life ever!” (too )
  • “Open yourself to the great river of money flowing through the universe. Here's how.” (too woo-woo).
  • "How to optimize your life for ultimate success.” (too self improvement)
  • “The ontological doctrine as it pertains to the…” (too philosophical and impractical)
  • “Eat one meal daily while adhering to the 35 precepts of the 17th karmapa..." (too spiritual and too arduous).

Often those who have achieved outward success continue to feel empty inside (and not the good kind). That emptiness is the neglected inner or spiritual life.

For radical transformation, one must attend fully, not only to the practical but the spiritual realm too. My intention is to share what has and continues to work in my life (after years of floundering) and may work for you too. Everything I share has been examined, practiced, tried, and proved in my daily life.

Why should I listen to you?

Maybe you shouldn’t.  I have n qualifications - no diplomas from a prestigious university, no plaques on my wall. Nothing I can point to really that designates me as someone you should listen to.  

However, understanding life's mysteries and what it means to be human, in all its forms, has been my life's inspiration and passion for over 20 years.

Don't believe me

You will find nothing new here. In fact, everything I write about you already know. If that sounds strange, ask yourself this: How would anything make intuitive sense if I didn't already know it?

I'm here to remind you of what you have forgotten. Take what works in your life and forget what doesn't. And don’t let people waste your time, including me.  If an article is junk, stop reading.

Nothing  I write needs to be taken on faith. While the focus of this blog is human subjectivity, or the nature of experience itself, all of my assertions can be tested in the laboratory of your own life.

The most important takeaway is this: learn to see clearly for yourself. Then you will no longer need this or any other blogs, books, videos, workshops, or pithy quotes. Wherever you go, you will have your own living wisdom.

As Lao Tzu cautioned, “Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know.” I'm full of BS like everyone else, hopefully just enough less to be useful.

May all my struggles and searching offer you a shortcut to deep, abiding freedom and enduring wellbeing.