Raise your baseline happiness.

Ask 100 people the secret to lasting happiness, and you'll likely get 100 different answers.

A self-help type may prescribe exercise and eight glasses of water daily. A psychologist may counsel healing your childhood wounds. A self-improvement type may recommend deliberate practice and good habits. A positive psychologist may advise being in the "flow," or keeping a gratitude journal.  A Christian may say surrender your life to God. A Buddhist may suggest finding your true Self. A hippie may tell you to live off the grid and practice permaculture.

Each of these prescriptions may be beneficial, but with so many offerings in the modern spiritual marketplace, today's seeker is perhaps more confused than ever.

Over the past twenty years I've spent over twelve thousand hours meditating, practicing yoga, practicing breathing, journaling, studying eastern and western psychology, attending weekly group meditations, leading men’s groups, going to therapy, practicing mindfulness, gratitude journaling, participating in conscious conversation groups, attending meditation retreats, Quaker retreats, and workshops.

I desperately want to share everything I've learned about living better from my own lived experience and to demystify spirituality and wellbeing.  I write about practical and spiritual wellbeing and share popular nonfiction book summaries with the hope that you can avoid or minimize the suffering I've experienced as you grow on your own path of wholeness, meaning, self-discovery, and ultimately who you are.

"Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground," writes Stephen Covey "there's no greater investment."

Tens of millions of people around the world have unnecessarily resigned themselves to a low quality of life. But within everyone is that voice that never gives up. Wholeness and joy are your birthright, and as you heal and grow, the whole world heals and grows with you.

Looking forward to you joining me on this mad, beautiful and messy adventure we call life. And whatever is beautiful, meaningful, and brings you happiness, may it be yours throughout 2022.

Warmest wishes,

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