King Warrior Magician Lover by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette

Book Summary: King Warrior Magician Lover by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette - Ryan Delaney


Born within every man are the Jungian masculine archetypes—king, warrior, magician, and lover—that transcend time and space. Many of us, however, did not receive good enough parenting and are therefore stuck in boy psychology. This book speaks to the possibility of accessing the archetypes and manifesting our mature masculinity in all its forms.



Part 1: From Boy Psychology to Man Psychology

1: The Crisis in Masculine Ritual Process

2: Masculine Potentials

3: Boy Psychology

The High Chair Tyrant

The Weakling Prince

Accessing the Divine Child

The Precocious Child

The Know-It-All Trickster

The Oedipal Child

The Mama’s Boy

The Dreamer

The Hero

The Grandstander Bully

The Coward

4: Man Psychology

Part II: Decoding the Male Psyche—The Four Archetypes of the Mature Masculine

5: The King

The Shadow King: The Tyrant and the Weakling

Accessing the King

6: The Warrior

The Warrior in His Fullness

The Shadow Warrior: The Sadis and the Masochist

Accessing the Warrior

7: The Magician

Historical Background

The Magician in His Fullness

The Shadow Magician: The Manipulator and the Denying “Innocent” One

Accessing the Magician

8: The Lover

The Love in His Fullness

Cultural Background

The Shadow Lover: The Addicted and the Impotent Lover

Accessing the Lover

Conclusion: Accessing the Archetypal Powers of the Mature Masculine


Active Imagination Dialogue

Admiring Men

A Final Word

Selected Readings


Comparative Mythology and Religion


Boy Psychology 

Man Psychology





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