Quiet by Susan Cain

Quiet by Susan Cain


Explores the differences between introversion and extroversion and the cultural mandate of the Extrovert Ideal while encouraging introverts to embrace their true nature, unique strengths, and value to self and society. 


Part One: The Extrovert Ideal

1: The Rise of the “Mighty Likeable Fellow”

How Extroversion Became the Cultural Ideal

2: The Myth of Charismatic Leadership

The Culture of Personality, a Hundred Years Later

3: When Collaboration Kills Creativity

The Rise of the New Groupthink and the Power of Working Alone

Part Two: Your Biology, Your Self?

4: Is Temperament Destiny?

Nature, Nurture, and the Orchid Hypothesis

5: Beyond Temperament

The Role of Free Will (and the Secret of Public Speaking for Introverts)

6: “Franklin was a politician, but Eleanor spoke out of conscience.”

Why Cool Is Overrated

7: Why Did Wall Street Crash and Warren Buffett Prosper?

How Introverts and Extroverts Think (and Process Dopamine) Differently

Part Three: Do All Cultures Have An Extrovert Ideal?

8: Soft Power

Asian-Americans and the Extrovert Ideal

Part Four: How to Love, How to Work

9: When Should You Act More Extroverted Than You Really Are?

11: On Cobblers and Generals

First, some thoughts for teachers:

Conclusion: Wonderland

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