The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth

The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth


Money is a powerful force in our lives. This book will transform you relationship to money and life. Deep insights from western and Buddhist psychology with challenging exercises.



The Hero’s Journey

Knowledge + Wisdom = Power

Using the Energy of Money

My Own Story

The You and Money Course Begins

Breathing Room

The 12 Principles

A Final Word

What Is the Energy of Money?

What Makes People Successful?

Your Money is Your Life

The Money Taboo

Goals: Projecting our Life’s Intentions Into Physical Reality

Trouble at the Border

Monkey Mind

Energizing Your Goals

Doing Life the Easy Way

Dealing with Discomfort

Doing Life with Struggle

Training for Success

The Hero’s Contribution

Part 1: The hero’s Purpose

Principle 1: your Greatest Power Is to Be Willing

Willing Vs. Wanting

Beyond the Psychological Approach

Being Willing Comes First

Money Madness

The Coaching Model

Step 1: Look

Step 2: See

Step 3: Tell the Truth

Step 4: Take Authentic Action

Exercise: Your Money Autobiography

Principle 2: Your Intentions and Integrity harness the Energy of Money

Your True Nature

Who We Pretend We Are

Who We Fear We Are

Who We Really Are

Your Standards of Integrity

The Integrity Factor

A Caveat

Exercise: Your Standards of Integrity

Coming Full Circle With Integrity

Extra-Credit Work

Virtue and Money

Your Life’s Intentions

Principle 3: Goals Focus Your Money Energy

What Is A Goal?

Getting the fun Back: Goals vs. Tasks

The Whim Factor

Creating Powerful Goals

A Goal is A Yes, Not A No

Exercises for Creating Your Goals

Treasure map Exercise: Mapping Your Goal

Keep Going

Part II: identifying the Inner Blocks to Progress

Principle 4: Driven Behavior Wastes Money Energy

Facing Fear

Driven Behavior: Don’t  Just Do it!

Is It Authentic, Or Am I Driven?

The Rut Syndrome

Driven, Or in the Driver’s Seat?


Gambling: Getting High on Risk


Telltale Signs

Principle 5: Scarcity is One of Your Greatest Teachers

What is Scarcity?

Limits Are Part of Physical Reality

Is The Monkey Screaming yet?

You Can’t Affirm Away Scarcity

Let’s Get Real

The Deprivation Cycle: “But I Feel So Deprived; Can’t I Just Have A Little More?”

Facing the Shadow

Exercise: Encounter with a Dragon

Principle 6: Transforming Inner Blocks Liberates Money Energy

The Nature of Monkey Mind

Dancing with the Monkey

Symptoms of Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind is Tenacious

You Are Not Your Monkey Mind

Exercise: Dancing with Monkey Mind

Your Basic Assumption

The Startle Response

…Ram Dass says, “The internal dialogue just doesn’t stay around as long.” It stops impeding your progress.

Seeing the Invisible

Your Basic Assumption’s Tributaries

Part III: Clearing the Path

Principle 7: Releasing old Beliefs Brings Miracles

What Are “Structures of Knowing”?

How Structures of Knowing Work

Your Structures of Knowing Money

When to Let Go

Gently But Firmly Prying the Mask Away

The Twin Dogs: Paradox and Confusion

Where Miracles Live

Becoming En-Lightened

Principle 8: Forgiveness Unleashes Money Energy

What We Say About Others

What Is a Characterization?

Forgiveness: Authentic Action for The Courageous heart

Monkey Mind Needs Time to Catch On

Forgiveness Is Your Business

The Power To Forgive

Forgiveness Exercises

Principle 9: Making and Keeping Promises Moves You Along Your Path

The Joy of keeping Promises

Broken Promises

Clearing the Conduit

Incomplete Money Business

Taking Care of The Tough Issues

1. Charging What You’re Worth

2. Negotiating for Money

3. Loans to and from Friends and Family

4. Battling with Significant Others About Money

5. Getting Through Family Crises

6. Dealing with Kids and Money

Building the Strength to Dance With Your Goals

Part IV: Staying the Course

Principle 10: Obstacles Can Lead to Breakthroughs

Channeling Energy: flying Toward Your Goals, Not Flailing At Them

Running The Obstacle Course

Four Guidelines for looking At Obstacles

Principle 11: Mutual Support increases your Power

What Is Support, Really?

The Benefits Are Mutual

Being Supportive Isn’t Being Co-Dependent

Support Means Wholeness

Forming A Success Group

The Coaching Context: Blueprint For Success

Principle 12: The Gateway To Abundance Is Gratitude

Abundance And The Hero’s journey

The Fine Art of Gratitude

Affirmations: Awakening The Grateful heart

Affirming Your Basic Nature

Contribution: The Consequence of Gratitude

Tithing Troubles

True Giving


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