Beating the Street by Peter Lynch

Beating the Street by Peter Lynch


Brilliant yet practical investment advice from legendary money manager Peter Lynch. Follow-up to One Up On Wall Street, it's as funny as it is perceptive.




One: The Miracle of St. Agnes

The NAIC manual…contains several important maxims…

Two: The Weekend Worrier

The Even Bigger Picture

Three: A Tour of the Fund House

The All-Star Team

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be the Belgium Fund

Four: Managing Magellan / The Early Years

Taking Union Carbide to Lunch

Five: Magellan / The Middle Years

Far From a One-Man Show

My Not-So-Silent Partners

It Pays to Be Patient

Six: Magellan / The Later Years

A Tactical Shift

Good Money After Bad

Seven: Art, Science, and Legwork

Eight: Shopping For Stocks / The Retail Sector

Nine: Prospecting in Bad News / How the “Collapse” in Real Estate Led Me to Pier 1, Sunbelt Nursery, and General Host

Sunbelt Nursery

General Host

Eleven: Blossoms in the Dessert / Great Companies in Lousy Industries

Sun Television & Appliances

Twelve: It’s A Wonderful Buy

Equity-to-Assets Ratio

Thirteen: A Closer Look at the S&Ls

Fifteen: The Cyclicals / What Goes Around Comes Around

General Motors

Sixteen: Nukes in Distress / CMS Energy

Seventeen: Uncle Sam’s Garage Sale / Allied Capital II

Eighteen: My Fannie Mae Diary

Twenty: The Restaurant Stocks / Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Twenty-One: The Six-Month Checkup

20 Golden Rules

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