Beating the Street by Peter Lynch

Book Summary: Beating the Street by Peter Lynch - Ryan Delaney

The Book in a Few Sentences

Brilliant yet practical investment advice from legendary money manager Peter Lynch. Follow-up to One Up On Wall Street, it's as funny as it is perceptive.

Beating the Street summary

This is my book summary of Beating the Street by Peter Lynch. My summary and notes include the key lessons and most important insights from the book.



One: The Miracle of St. Agnes

The NAIC manual…contains several important maxims…

Two: The Weekend Worrier

The Even Bigger Picture

Three: A Tour of the Fund House

The All-Star Team

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be the Belgium Fund

Four: Managing Magellan / The Early Years

Taking Union Carbide to Lunch

Five: Magellan / The Middle Years

Far From a One-Man Show

My Not-So-Silent Partners

It Pays to Be Patient

Six: Magellan / The Later Years

A Tactical Shift

Good Money After Bad

Seven: Art, Science, and Legwork

Eight: Shopping For Stocks / The Retail Sector

Nine: Prospecting in Bad News / How the “Collapse” in Real Estate Led Me to Pier 1, Sunbelt Nursery, and General Host

Sunbelt Nursery

General Host

Eleven: Blossoms in the Dessert / Great Companies in Lousy Industries

Sun Television & Appliances

Twelve: It’s A Wonderful Buy

Equity-to-Assets Ratio

Thirteen: A Closer Look at the S&Ls

Fifteen: The Cyclicals / What Goes Around Comes Around

General Motors

Sixteen: Nukes in Distress / CMS Energy

Seventeen: Uncle Sam’s Garage Sale / Allied Capital II

Eighteen: My Fannie Mae Diary

Twenty: The Restaurant Stocks / Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Twenty-One: The Six-Month Checkup

20 Golden Rules

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